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Craftsmanship derived from a German heritage.


Born in Germany, Johannes Reinhardt developed an early interest in wood working from his grandfather while tinkering in his shop. After high school, Joe specialized in finishing carpentry and cabinetmaking for the next three and a half years. Trained on the job in a high-end custom cabinet shop, Negele, Joe acquired his journeyman in cabinet making with honors. Joe continued his work as a cabinetmaker until 2006 when he followed his desire to travel to North America.

During the time he studied in Canada, Joe’s appreciation for this country increased. Economic opportunities and the current demand for skilled laborers were on the rise. Meanwhile, Joe met and fell in love with his soon to be wife, and they were happily married in 2007. Starting new life in Canada, Joe worked for a local construction company to learn Canadian construction trade. It was at the start of 2009 that Mr. Reinhardt became serious about pursuing business on his own, realizing he had something unique to offer to the Canadian market.

Presently Joe’s craftsmanship is applied to making quality products such as Murphy beds, kitchen cabinets, bathroom vanities, TV entertainment centers, coffee bars and fireplace mantles that will be sure to spark conversation and awe.


“Joe from Akzent Cabinetry was incredible. We will hire him again for our next reno project. We have never seen such meticulous craftsmanship – and all the construction dust was in his shop! We couldn’t believe it when he hauled in the reproduction bookcase pieces and installed them precisely around our antique fireplace. What can’t he do?”
R.B., Lethbridge, AB

“Meticulous and professional is how I would characterize Johannes Reihardt and his work. He is passionate about his work. He is open to suggestions, listens very carefully and is respectful of the customer’s wishes. He is open to collaboration while maintaining a solid grasp on the project. Johannes consistently presented several options to each step of the project and provided guidance in reaching the many decisions required to complete the work.”
Patti Gam, Medicine Hat, AB

“Joe Reinhardt and Akzent Cabinetry has designed, built, and installed everything from tiny shelving projects, to custom pieces in my woodworking shop, to custom cabinetry in our kitchen and my dental office. I have found him innovative, accurate, trustworthy, and dependable. His personableness, willingness, and attention to detail makes it a pleasure to work with him.”
Dr. Keith R. Kowalsky